Kary Regragui, Pianist and Composer

At a very early age, Kary was absolutely fascinated by the incredible power of music. He will always remember the day when his cousin sat down at the piano (which appeared to Kary as just a decorated piece of furniture) and played "Fur Elise". He couldn't believe the sounds that were radiating from this wooden box. He was seven year old. From that point he developed a great passion for the instrument that would be his life long companion.

At the time Kary turned eleven, he had the privilege to be a student of Mme Lemoine: a French concert pianist (First prize in piano & violin in the Conservatory of Paris) who was teaching piano and violin to a very selected elite. Her ten years of guidance in classical piano music gave Kary a solid foundation for playing and composing any style of music.

Kary is a special kind of pianist, and composer who has over 20 years performing at Central Florida better resorts And Hotels. His ability to create such a warm and welcoming atmosphere with his beautiful piano music has always delighted international audiences around him.

He is most assuredly an international favorite. He has performed at corporate functions, grand galas, socialite weddings and private social events around the world. His vast international repertoire of music in(French, Italian, Spanish), and including all types of music - Classical, New Age, Jazz and romantic arrangements of movie themes and Broadway favorites - have given him a loyal and ardent following.

One of his most rewarding projects was composing original music for a 50th wedding anniversary celebration. As a result, he now spends time with patrons helping them discover the sounds that are most relaxing, then creating an original composition exclusively for them that he calls a Musical Portrait. He firmly believes in the power of music to translate and elevate our conscious states. Music, Kary believes, is the common denominator to touch everyone and has immense power to move people. His desire is to reach people with his music, be it CD’s, personal appearances, Movie/TV themes or singular compositions. And with his extraordinary talent and the innovative electronics he uses to simulate a full orchestra, he is doing that very well indeed!

In His Latest Cd:”Healing Journey “Kary has created a “musical painting” as accompaniment to this magnificent canvas entitled “OPERA” interpreted by Edson Campos (original painting by Eugene Delacroix). It is representative of his ability to look at a video, picture or painting and create beautiful music that enhances and enriches what the eye sees.
Painting by Edson Campos. Song Opera Theme from Kary's album, Healing Journey.

Night Scene: Kary Regragui entertains at The Ritz, Tiburon

By KITT WALSH, Special to the Daily News

October 17, 2003

There is something electric about Kary Regragui when he plays the piano, like a power line down in the street, undulating gracefully, but crackling just the same. Kary, who plays at both the Ritz-Carlton on the beach and the Tiburon Golf Resort, puts his body, mind and soul into his music and the results are spellbinding. With season upon us, seats at the Bella Vista Lounge, where Kary plays in the evenings, will soon become as rare Drive in Naples .as manatee sightings, so bring a tent and camp out in the lobby if you must, but do not miss this performer.

His musical gift was recognized early and he got vital training in his art . He was only 3 when he was enrolled in a special school where he was introduced to many different musical instruments and encouraged to experiment.

"Music was treated as the universal language and we were all linguists," he says.

The next fortuitous thing happened when a concert pianist from the Conservatory in Paris moved in next door to him and took him on as a student of classical piano. Under her tutelage, he studied for 10 years and made his professional debut at the age of 14 in Spain.

Audiences loved him and love him still. He carries proof. Kary started a scrapbook which he lugs around everywhere he goes and asks members of his audience to sign. In many languages they sing his praises, and these are no ho-hum reviews.

One Bill Kramer wrote, "If I could express myself with words the way you express yourself with music, maybe I could make my wife understand how much I love her."

Kary has a decided effect on other people as well.

"Whether it's a 98-year-old woman who plays one of my CDs and says she no longer feels alone, or the man who finally turns off the television and creates a painting or writes a poem, my music seems to ensure creativity," Regragui says.

The music also seems to offer comfort.

"After 9/11, many people came to me to say they had lost a son or a nephew and that my music helped bring them peace," he says. "With such craziness and pain in the world, it is good to bring harmony."

Twenty-five years of international performances during gala receptions, corporate events, public and private concerts, in venues as varied as Las Vegas, Boston, Orlando, Rome, Italy; Paris, France; Lausanne, Switzerland; Madrid and Barcelona, Spain,London, England, and Lisbon, Portugal, which he loves to do and continues to book.