Some things my guests have said:


The music flows from your fingers with the ease of snowflakes falling.
Joseph, NC


Your music is an absolute delight to listen to. You have in your possession one of the most wonderful gifts God can give a person. Music is something that touches everyone from their heart to their soul. Always remember the power you have to bring happiness through your melodies.
Jo, Kentucky


Your music is beautiful and full of feelings.We especially enjoyed your personnel compositions.
John, Florida

At this late date you have added a new dimension to our life.Your music is an inspiration to anyone who hears you play.The day we met you will always shine brightest in our lives.
Pat, Langella, FL


If I could express myself with words the way you express yourself with your music, maybe I could make my wife understand how much I love her. Thank you for helping me relive our wedding.


Your music and touch are divine.Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with us.You have brought us a bit of peace and tranquility in a very difficult time in our lives.Thank you for being here at this time.
God bless you.
D, Washington


You create beauty, power and grace.God gift to you is only surpassed by your gift to choose who listen to your music.
Thank you,



Your music is enchanting and soothing while at the same time uplifting.
Bob, CA


A true Artist reflects his talent through his whole being.Such is your music!
Sheila, Montreal


Your music has renewed my faith in power of emotion and the will to go beyond. You are a gift. You are fabulous in spirit and in talent! The Lord has richly blessed you and in turn you have blessed many.


Your playing is like a breath of fresh air. Your passion shows, and every one listening is mesmerized. You’re blessed,
Barbara, Palm Beach, Florida


Your music touched my soul. I can close my eyes and “feel” the inspiration. It’s a pleasure, a true soul experience to listen to your music.
Your new follower, Donna


As we agreed, remember “Music is proof there is a God” you’re a wonderful messenger.


You’re Poetry in Motion, a special gift, of reaching people and touching them. Your music transforms itself into a polyhedron of melody waterfall.


A long time ago, a retired music teacher gave me his definition of music: “Sounds pleasing to the ear”. Your music is at the highest level, as it is pleasing only to the ear but more importantly to the heart. Thank you for a special evening for myself and a very important and special person to me. Keep making special moments for others through your music.

Love, Ann


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