Everything in the Universe is vibration, and to bring our own back to harmony is vital to our well being.

Kary's musical ability does not pertain solely to composing beautiful music, but also to creating personalized healing symphonies.

He has the gift to tune into people 's vibrations and select from his extensive sound library the exact sounds to reestablish balance in the person's energy field. This personal music composition is totally unique to you, and you can continue to work with it at your own rhythm with the CD made for you from the sound healing session.

The session feels like a soothing sound bath that transports you to another dimension on gentle sound waves, and brings you back feeling lighter and refreshed.

The stress in our lives creates a tremendous amount of inner tensions, but having your own musical profile is a customized tool that will ground you in moments of anxiety.

The music of life lives in you! Let Kary share that with you and the one you love.

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